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Supercapacitors for Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU)

Kamcap supercapacitor is widely used in the field of Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU).

Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU) AC sampling (through the transformer) of the three-phase voltage and three-phase current on the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer, which can collect and save various operational data of the transformer, so as to achieve the parameters according to the set parameters. Transformer temperature control, on-load voltage regulation and reactive switching control. The Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU) product has a communication interface, which can exchange data with the distribution network SCADA system through the communication network, and realize the telemetry, remote signaling and remote control functions of the main station to the transformer.

The main function of the super capacitor in the Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU) is the backup power supply.

The 5.2.3 backup power supply in the "China National Network New TTU Technical Specification - Trial Version" issued in 2011.07 clearly states:

●The terminal should use a super capacitor as a backup power source and be integrated inside the terminal. When the terminal main power failure occurs, the super capacitor can be automatically and seamlessly input, and the terminal and terminal communication modules should be maintained for at least 3 minutes, and the ability to report data to the main station three times is available;

●If the working power is lost, the terminal shall ensure that the set values and recorded data are kept for not less than 1 year;

●Super capacitor maintenance-free time is not less than 8 years.

Kamcap Supercapacitor Used in Transformer Terminal Unit

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