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Consumer Electronics

  • Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

    Supercapacitors can be used in wireless Bluetooth thermometers. Supercapacitors have the characteristics of small size, long life, and environmental protection.

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  • General Motor

    General motors refer to products that can be used in motorcycles, electric fishing machines, weeders, gasoline generators, household motors and other products. According to the latest European environ...

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  • Smart Toy

    In smart toys, some often require instantaneous large currents, and the battery can not provide. Combining supercapacitors with batteries can solve this problem.

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  • Smart Home

    Supercapacitors are used in control panels, smart door locks, electrical control systems, home theater systems, intercom systems, video surveillance, burglar alarms, HVAC systems, kitchens, televisions and so on.

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  • LED Driver

    There are three places where the super capacitor is needed for the LED drive power supply.

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  • Electronic pen (E-pen)

    At present, supercapacitors can be widely used in tablet computers or IPAD electronic pens. Supercapacitors have an ultra-mini diameter size and can be used in electronic pens instead of batteries.

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  • Small Home Appliances

    Super capacitors are widely used in small home appliances, such as aroma diffusers

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