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Supercapacitors for Smart Electric Meter

At present, with the increasingly intelligent function of electric meters, long-term data storage and display functions are indispensable. Many electric meters use various batteries to supply power to the clock chip and power-off protection. At present, supercapacitors can fully realize this function. And it has an advantage over using a battery.

The traditional method commonly used in electric meters is to install a lithium battery. When the external power supply is cut off, the voltage of the lithium battery is insufficient or under voltage. Randomly, if the battery is not accurately and timely monitored, the clock circuit will be timed. An error caused the billing or billing error. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the smart meter uses an external supercapacitor. When the battery is under voltage or low, it automatically switches to the supercapacitor to supply power to the clock circuit, thus ensuring the reliability of the entire system and ensuring the country and customers.

Supercapacitors are compared to batteries and have the following distinct features:

  • Ultra-low series equivalent resistance (ESR), the power density is more than ten times that of lithium-ion batteries, suitable for large current discharge.

  • Long life, charge and discharge more than 500,000 times, is 500 times that of lithium-ion batteries, 1000 times that of nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries, if the super capacitor is charged and discharged 20 times a day, continuous use can reach 68 years.

  • It can be charged with large current, short charging and discharging time, simple requirements for charging circuit, no memory effect. Supercapacitor charging is the physical process of electric double layer charging and discharging or the rapid and reversible chemical process of electrode material surface. Current charging can complete the charging process in tens of seconds to several minutes, which is a real fast charging.

  • The temperature range is wide -40 ℃~ +70℃. Some products can reach +85 ° C.

  • Small size, compact size, easy to install, save space, maintenance-free, sealable.

  • Can be stored in a fully discharged state, and excessive discharge is harmful to many rechargeable batteries.

  • The use of safe, convenient, green and environmentally friendly to the environment.

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