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Supercapacitors for Automotive Emergency Power Supplies

Kamcap Supercapacitors and automotive emergency power supplies

Emergency starting power supplies have begun to import kamcap super capacitors in large quantities, which has become a mature application field for kamcap super capacitors. When the car battery fails to start, the emergency start power supply can quickly start the car in a short time, which is a must-have for car outings in the field. The energy storage characteristics of supercapacitors, such as high power density and fast charging and discharging, fully meet the rapid response requirements of vehicle field rescue, so it can play a huge role in the field of automobile emergency start.

kamcap provides new super capacitors and other major energy storage components for the automotive emergency starting power supply market. This type of power supply has the functions of overcurrent, overload, overcharge and inverter, and integrates a balanced protection board and an anti-leakage device to make the equipment Combination optimization. In terms of automotive emergency starting power supplies, the use of kamcap technology supercapacitors can bring many technical and economic advantages:

Ultra-low internal resistance accelerates the start: the internal resistance is small, which can meet the high current discharge, and enhance the application range of the power supply to a variety of models.

The electrostatic energy storage mechanism has a wide application range: the electrostatic energy storage mechanism enables the supercapacitor to complete the charge and discharge in less than one second, and work normally in a wide temperature range of -40 to +65°C, ensuring that the emergency start device is at a wide temperature and Use on a geographic scale.

Long lifespan saves operating costs: the latest electrode preparation and assembly technology greatly improves the toughness and anti-aging performance of the electrode; the brand-new mixed electrolyte system effectively solves the problem of easy oxidation and embrittlement of the supercapacitor anode; it is millions of times The above charging and discharging cycle is designed, even if it is left for several years, the power in the supercapacitor will not be lost much. This is definitely the best choice for emergency starting equipment with a low probability of use.

At present, the main emergency starting power supply has two schemes: battery and super capacitor. In the course of use, the shortcomings of the battery itself are gradually exposed: the battery has harsh requirements for the operating environment, the best operating temperature is between 20-30°C, the charging time is long, the discharge power is low, and the cycle life is short. In contrast, supercapacitors have outstanding features: high efficiency, large current discharge, wide voltage, wide temperature range, long cycle life, maintenance-free, and are more suitable for emergency starting conditions.

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