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Supercapacitors for  Wind Energy

As the fastest growing renewable energy power generation technology, wind power has broad application prospects. However, wind energy is a randomly varying energy source. Wind speed changes can cause fluctuations in the output power of wind turbines, which can affect the power quality of the grid.


At present, the active power fluctuation of wind power mostly adopts the method of directly adjusting the operating state of the wind turbine to smooth its output power, but the power adjustment capability of the method is limited; the reactive power fluctuation usually adopts the parallel static reactive power compensation device for reactive power adjustment, but no The power compensation device cannot stabilize the active power fluctuations. By adding energy storage equipment, it is possible to adjust the reactive power, stabilize the bus voltage of the wind farm, and adjust the active power in a wide range. Wind power research shows that the fluctuating power at 0.01Hz-1Hz has the greatest impact on the power quality of the grid. The wind power fluctuation in this frequency band has the greatest impact on the power quality of the grid. Suppressing the wind power fluctuation in this frequency band can be achieved by using short-term energy storage. Therefore, the small-capacity energy storage device capable of realizing short-term energy storage has high application value to wind power generation. Due to its tens of thousands of cycles of charge and discharge cycle life and high current charge and discharge characteristics, supercapacitors can adapt to high current fluctuations of wind energy. It can absorb energy under conditions of sunny or strong wind during the day, and weak at night or wind. When it is discharged, it can smooth the fluctuation of wind power and achieve more efficient grid connection.

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