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Brief Introduction of Jump Starter

This super capacitor Jump starter adopts self-developed 500F super capacitor as energy storage parts, with long life (500,000 times charging and discharging), high starting current, this product also has overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, anti-reverse protection, temperature protection, safe and reliable use; it can start the vehicle normally from minus 40℃ to high temperature 70℃.

Performance of Jump Starter

QC/T 741-2014《Supercapacitors for vehicles》

Q/GDW 11845-2018 Technical Specification for Supercapacitors for Electric Energy Metering Equipment

Typical Application of Jump Starter

This super capacitor Jump starter specifies the technical specifications for 12V car starter power.

Specification of Jump Starter

Product name

Jump Starter

Rate discharge capacitance


Capacitance tolerance


Working Voltage


Absolute Maximum Voltage


Operating temperature range

-40℃ ~ +70℃

Additional Features

Overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, Over discharge protection, anti-reverse protection, temperature protection

Specification of Jump Starter

Key Features of Jump Starter

The monoblock of this supercapacitor jump starter is based on the principle of double layer capacitor, with activated carbon as positive and negative electrodes inside, separated by electrolyte and diaphragm between the two poles, and the aluminum case is welded with other parts, and the lead-in pole is on the same side of the product.

The supercapacitor module consists of multiple monoblocks connected in series and parallel, and is equipped with an internal equalization control and management circuit.

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