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Supercapacitors for Fault Indicator

The fault indicator has a built-in communication module, and has a charging device to supply power thereto. The power consumption is large, and the power consumption of the disposable lithium battery is not up to the requirement, and the life of the rechargeable battery is not up to the requirement. Outdoor application conditions are harsh. Using supercapacitors can solve the above problems.


Supercapacitor features:


1.Long life, super capacitors can be charged and discharged in depth of 500,000 to 1 million times, and the life expectancy can reach ten years.


2. Recyclable, maintenance-free. Supercapacitors have no over-discharge and over-charge restrictions, which can stabilize repeated charging and theoretically require no maintenance.


3. Using super capacitors can absorb small currents, which can better charge them and improve energy absorption efficiency.


4. The charging and discharging efficiency is high, the charging and discharging efficiency of the supercapacitor is as high as 90% or more, and the charging and discharging efficiency of the battery is much lower. When the energy is insufficient, the energy required for reliable operation of the device cannot be provided.


5. Wide temperature range, supercapacitor operating temperature range is -40~70 degrees Celsius, working better in extreme temperature areas


6. Green and environmentally friendly, supercapacitors are not suitable for heavy metals and other harmful substances in the production process, and are a new type of green environmental protection energy.

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