kampower Ultracapacitors manufacturer

Car Electronics

  • Driving Recorder/Dash Cam (GPS)

    Supercapacitors have fast charging and discharging speed, stable performance, environmental protection and safety, and are very suitable for automotive electronics applications such as driving recorders/dash cam.

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  • Wireless Car Charger

    Super capacitors are being used more and more widely in the automotive field. Super capacitors are being widely used in the field of car wireless charging and car chargers. Super capacitors have the a...

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  • Car Smart Box

    The super capacitor can be used in the car smart magic box, and the role it can play includes solving the problem of not being able to access the Internet

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  • Car Emergency Start

    Super capacitor in the car emergency startSupercapacitors are now widely used in automotive emergency start projects, The supercapacitors used in the car emergency start project have fully sealed stru...

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  • Automotive Emergency Power Supplies

    Kamcap Supercapacitors and automotive emergency power suppliesEmergency starting power supplies have begun to import kamcap super capacitors in large quantities, which has become a mature application ...

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