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Supercapacitors for Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU)

Kamcap supercapacitor is widely used in the field of Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU).

In the power distribution network automation system, the station terminal (Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU) is mainly installed in the switch station of the feeder loop of the distribution network, ring network cabinet and so on.

It can realize the functions of telemetry and remote control of the power supply line, which plays a very important role in the reliable operation of the distribution network. Since the Distributed Terminal Unit (DTU) is generally installed outdoors, its working environment is rather harsh. Therefore, the DTU backup power system Reliability and maintenance-free are very important.

In the past, most of the backup power sources used in DTU devices were lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries. However, due to their poor high-low temperature performance and short cycle life, these two batteries have high maintenance costs. Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device that belongs to physical energy storage. It has been widely used in the field of Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU) because of its high temperature and low performance, maintenance-free, and long cycle life.

Kamcap Supercapacitor Used in Distribution Terminal Unit

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