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Application of Supercapacitor in Industry
  • UPS
    The function of the supercapacitor ups is often determined in the first few seconds to a few minutes after the power failure or the instantaneous collapse of the grid voltage.
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  • Fault Indicator
    Fault Indicator
    The fault indicator has a built-in communication module, using super capacitors can absorb small currents, which can better charge them and improve energy absorption efficiency
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  • Automated Robots
    Automated Robots
    Supercapacitors can be used in place of chemical batteries in automated robots. Supercapacitors charge and discharge faster than batteries, have a long service life, and do not lose stored energy at low temperatures.
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  • Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)
    Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)
    The traditional Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) uses a microcontroller as the control core and a battery as the power source, and supercapacitors can be quickly charged, can be charged to any potential within the rated voltage range, and can be completely discharged.
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  • Iron Tower
    Iron Tower
    Super capacitors are used in the field of iron towers, including lightning towers, monitoring towers, communication towers, and wind measuring towers.
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