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What is an Ultra Capacitor and How Mach Do You Know About It?

Ⅰ. The difference between ultra capacitors and ordinary capacitors

The biggest difference between ultra capacitors and an ordinary capacitors is that it is an electrochemical physical component, but it does not undergo a chemical reaction itself. The storage capacity of a super capacitor is particularly large, reaching a farad-level capacitance.

Ⅱ. The working principle of ultra capacitors

How to increase the area of the bipolar plates? Ultra capacitors store energy by injecting electrolyte. Under the action of the electrode, the surface charge of the electrode will attract the opposite ions in the surrounding electrolyte solution, and these ions will attach to the surface of the electrode to form an electric double layer, which constitutes an electric double layer capacitor. Because the distance between the two charge layers is very small (generally less than 0.5mm), coupled with the use of a special electrode structure, the surface area of the electrode is increased tens of thousands of times, resulting in a great electric capacity.

The area of the ultra capacitor is based on porous carbon material. The porous structure of the material allows its area to reach 2000m2/g, and a larger surface area can be achieved through some measures.

The distance the ultra capacitor charges are separated is determined by the size of the electrolyte ions that are attracted to the charged electrodes. This distance is smaller than that achieved by traditional capacitor film materials. This huge surface area coupled with a very small charge separation distance makes supercapacitors have a surprisingly large electrostatic capacity compared to traditional capacitors, which is also where its "super" or "ultra" is.

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