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The Scale of Chinese Super Capacitor Market will Reach 13.84 Billion yuan in 2020

Gao Bo, Secretary General of the Super Capacitor Industry Alliance, said on January 6: "the super capacitors have the advantages of fast charging, high power, long cycle life, strong temperature adaptability, environmental protection and no pollution. With the further development of the super capacitor application market, we firmly believe that super capacitors will become an important member of the energy storage family."

The super capacitor is a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and batteries. Its mechanism is physical energy storage. The device does not generate heat. It has the advantages of large power, long life and favorable security. It is irreplaceable in many applications. Its application fields mainly include: the backup power supply for low-power electronic equipment, replacement power supply or main power supply; the power supply electric for the vehicle and hybrid vehicle; renewable energy power generation and energy storage, the instantaneous power compensation; the energy buffer for the variable frequency drive system; military equipment, and so on.

Cao Gaoping, a researcher of the PLA's Chemical Research Institute and a consultant of the China Super Capacitor Industry Alliance, pointed out in the industry report that it is estimated that by 2020, China's super capacitor market will be about 13.84 billion yuan. Compared with 2012, the price of 3000f super capacitor has dropped by 80%, indicating a rapidly expanding market.

Compared with the European and American markets, China is the first country to set up a super capacitor industry alliance and has become the largest market for super capacitors. In recent years, the rapid development of wind power generation in China has provided a great chance for super capacitors to be used. The super capacitors are the best choice for windmill startup and pitching systems. At the same time, China's shipping industry has been developing continuously, and the use of super capacitors in the mechanical system of port container transportation is also increasing.

The experts believe that the future application of super capacitors in new energy commercial vehicles has a great potential, and it may account for 50% of the entire application. In addition, in the fields of the solar street lamp energy storage system, the port machinery, the rapid charging treasure, the rail transit energy recovery, the restraint of the transient fluctuations of renewable energy power generation, the high-power motor start-up, the consumer electronics and some other fields, the super capacitors have a great application space.


Qian Weizhong, the deputy secretary-general of the China Super Capacitor Industry Alliance and professor of Tsinghua University, believes that there is still much room for the development of super capacitor technology. Exploring new materials and systems for super capacitors, combining quasi-capacitors and new carbon materials, developing high-specific energy super capacitors, widening the application range are the cores to promote the good development of the super capacitor industry.

Gao Bo said that although the development rate of the super capacitor industry is much slower than that of the battery industry, but during the five years in which he has been contacted with the super capacitor, he has witnessed the development of super capacitors. The industry needs to have a clear understanding, continue to work hard, overcome difficulties, and continue to innovate. The bright prospects will surely be ushered in eventually.

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