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Kamcap Adhere To The Manufacturing Development Path Of Quality First

In today's world, a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes are gestating, and the global manufacturing landscape is facing major adjustments. China's manufacturing industry is in the critical stage of becoming bigger and stronger, climbing the slopes, and must improve the quality of products and services as the focus of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and conscientiously implement the "quality first" basic policy proposed by "Made in China 2025". Accelerate the formation of new competitive advantages marked by quality brands.


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Consolidating the quality technology and process foundation is the foundation for creating quality. Manufacturing life lies in quality, quality is based on production, and production is based on craftsmanship. It is necessary to continue to promote industrial strong foundation projects, implement quality technology research initiatives in key areas, encourage scientific research institutions and key enterprises to carry out technological innovation, and break the key common technical bottlenecks that restrict the improvement of manufacturing quality.

Kamcap super capacitor firmly believe Improving the quality management capabilities of enterprises is the basic support for creating quality. Technology and management are the "two-wheel" of the enterprise quality assurance system. Among them, technology and technology are hard foundations, and management concepts and methods are soft support. It is necessary to guide enterprises to innovate management concepts, improve management systems, improve management methods, and strengthen quality management and services in all aspects.

Kamcap super capacitor firmly believe Improving the quality construction standards system is an important measure to create quality. Standards determine quality, only high standards have high quality, only high standards can make good products. It is necessary to adhere to the standard leadership, formulate and implement quality standards that are in line with international advanced standards, shorten the standard revision cycle, and improve the advancement, effectiveness and applicability of quality standards.