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  • 1.What is a super capacitor

    Super capacitor, also known as electrochemical capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, gold capacitors, and farad capacitors, are electrochemical components that have been developed by polarized electrolytes since the 1970s and 1980s. It is different from the traditional chemical power source. It is a kind of power source with special performance between the traditional capacitor and the battery. It mainly relies on the electric double layer and the redox tantalum capacitor to store electric energy. However, there is no chemical reaction in the process of energy storage. This energy storage process is reversible, and it is precisely because this super capacitor can be repeatedly charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times.

  • 2.Super capacitor characteristics

    1. Super capacitors are environmentally friendly and pollution-free green energy.

    2. Supercapacitors do not have "memory", and at the same time, there is no over-discharge phenomenon like products such as batteries, and the voltage can be discharged to 0V.

    3. The supercapacitor has a high power density and can be quickly charged and discharged with a large current.

    4. The button-type laminated product can reach an operating temperature of -25 ° C ~ +70 ° C. Winding supercapacitors can operate from -40°C to +70°C, and some products can reach +85°C.

    5. The life of supercapacitors is longer than other energy storage products, and the cycle life can reach 500,000 times.

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