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Principles Of Super Capacitor/Ultra Capacitor

Super capacitor/ultra capacitor is a physical secondary power supply with super storage power and strong pulsating power. Super capacitor/ultra capacitor can be divided into three categories according to energy storage mechanism: (1) double layer capacitors produced by charge separation at the interface between carbon electrode and electrolyte; (2) Faraday capacitors produced by reversible chemical adsorption by oxidation-reduction reaction on the surface and bulk phase of electrodes using metal oxides as electrodes; (3) Faraday capacitors produced by reversible chemical adsorption on the surface and bulk phase of electrodes. A capacitor that undergoes redox reactions using conductive polymers as electrodes. Double capacitor is a new type of energy storage device which uses polarized electrolyte to store electric energy.

Because the charging and discharging of double-layer capacitors belong to the physical process, its cycle time is high and the charging process is fast, so it is more suitable for the application in electric vehicles. Dual-layer super capacitors are two inactive porous plates suspended in electrolyte, and the voltage is applied to the two plates. The potential added to the positive plate attracts more negative ions in the electrolyte, and the negative plate attracts the positive ions, thus forming a double-layer capacitor on the surface of the two electrodes. The capacitance of a Super capacitor/ultra capacitor cell is as high as several to tens of thousands of facets [2] Because of the special technology, the equivalent resistance is very low, the capacitance is very large and the internal resistance is small, which makes the super capacitor have a high peak current, so the Super capacitor/ultra capacitor has a high specific power. Its power density is 50-100 times that of the battery, and it can reach about 10*103W/kg. This feature makes Super capacitor/ultra capacitor very suitable for short-term and high-power applications.

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