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To Solve Niche Problems with Super Capacitors

Ⅰ. Introduction of super capacitors

We are all familiar with super capacitors, which can pack several farads of capacitance into a very small volume. The fiber bundles they use to store energy and power are very small.

The process of storing and releasing energy of a super capacitor is actually a reversible ion adsorption and desorption at the interface between the electrode material and the electrolyte. Unlike the chemical reactions of batteries (disposable/primary and rechargeable/secondary batteries), they use physical charge storage and can therefore be charged and discharged very quickly (milliseconds to seconds). Due to the absence of chemical reactions, the cycle life of super capacitor for sale is also different from the secondary batteries, which can only be charged and discharged several thousand times, while the former is much longer.

Ⅱ. Various niche problems can be solved with super capacitors

There are many interesting niche applications where super capacitors can be used to solve small but annoying problems. For example, the use of super capacitors in commercially available dropout hold circuits can provide power over the track gaps of a model railroad. Using three to four super capacitors in series (each with a nominal voltage of 2.5 to 3V ), it is possible to power the dropout hold circuit and thereby provide power to the locomotive.

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