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Precautions for Use of Ultra Super Capacitors

Supercapacitors are mainly composed of electrodes, electrolytes, diaphragms, current collectors, etc., and are a kind of power electronic components that store energy through polarized electrolytes. The precautions for its use are as follows:

1) The super capacitor has a fixed polarity;

2) The super capacitor should be used within its rated voltage and current range;

3) Super capacitors cannot be used in high-frequency charging and discharging circuits;

4) The ambient temperature affects the life of supercapacitors, and the applicable temperature range is -40℃~70℃;

5) There is a voltage drop ΔV=IR at the moment of discharge;

6) Do not store in places with a relative humidity greater than 85% or containing toxic gases;

7) It should be stored in an environment where the temperature is -25℃~40℃ and the relative humidity is less than 80%;

8) When supercapacitors are used on double-sided circuit boards, be careful not to connect the places where the capacitor can reach;

9) After installation, do not twist or tilt the capacitor forcibly;

10) Avoid overheating the capacitor during the soldering process (1.6mm printed circuit board, soldering should be 260°C, and the time should not exceed 5s);

11) After soldering, the circuit board and capacitor should be cleaned;

12) Supercapacitors can be used as modules. We provide module products; if you use them in series, you should pay attention to the voltage balance between the cells;

13) 2.7V400F products should be used under the condition that the charge and discharge current is not more than 20A in the 2.7V voltage range.

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