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Does Current Have a Big Impact on Supercapacitor Performance?

Does Current Have a Big Impact on Supercapacitor Performance?

Super capacitor is a kind of auxiliary source equipment widely used in many electronic industries in China. It is common not only on circuit boards, but also on some industrial machines. Not only that, there are also many manufacturers on the market. The manufacturers of super capacitors also have different money and quality. Today, let's give you a general introduction to the impact of current on the performance of car super capacitors. What should we pay attention to when choosing super capacitors?

Ⅰ. Composition of super capacitor

Under normal circumstances, super capacitors are generally composed of capacitor elements, porcelain bushing, shell, etc. Different parts play different roles. For example, the shell can play a good role in protecting the capacitor. For people who use super capacitors, they should choose products with reasonable overall structure and good cost performance.

It can be seen that the components of super capacitors are relatively simple and the cost is relatively small. In the process of production, the price will decline relative to other products. However, as a whole, the service life of super capacitors is relatively long, and the supply chain is also relatively wide.

Because now people use super capacitors, very widely. From its composition, the utilization rate of various parts is relatively high, the product design is relatively reasonable, the service life is relatively long, and there will be no pollution to the environment.

II. What are the effects of current on super capacitors?

1. Reduce the life of super capacitors

In fact, the influence of current on the performance of super capacitor is very huge, because with the increase of circuit current, it will pose a great threat to the service life of super capacitor.

In general, the higher the current, the longer the service life of the super capacitor will be affected. Therefore, when purchasing super capacitors, choose high-quality super capacitors as much as possible.

2. Reduce the performance of super capacitors

The current also has a great impact on the service performance of the capacitor indicator, because the greater the circuit current, the higher the temperature. Once the temperature is too high, the lower the service performance of the super capacitor. This is a very bad thing for enterprises.

3. Choose high-quality super capacitors

We should choose advanced configuration and exquisite workmanship. In terms of use, we should fully consider the performance factors of super capacitors, so as to bring positive effects in use. Therefore, the quality of super capacitors can not be underestimated.

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