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Car Emergency Starting Power: Compared with Batteries, Super Capacitors Are More Powerful

Portable mobile power supply, the car emergency starting power supply, can start the car when the battery loses electricity or the car cannot be started for other reasons, and it has become one of the essential products for outdoor travel. This type of power supply has higher requirements for discharge rate. Currently, there are two types of batteries and super capacitors available in the market.

1. Advantages of super capacitors

In the course of use, the shortcomings of battery products are gradually exposed: harsh operating environment requirements, long charging time, and short cycle life. In contrast, super capacitors have outstanding characteristics: high efficiency, large current discharge, wide voltage, wide temperature range, long cycle life, maintenance-free, and more suitable for emergency startup conditions.

The battery products are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The lead-acid battery type automobile emergency starting power source has a long history. The current range is roughly 350-1000A, and the corresponding air pump is generally equipped to support the functions of overcurrent, overload, overcharge, and reverse connection indication protection, but the mass and volume are relatively large. The lithium polymer vehicle emergency starting power supply can start the vehicle with a current of 300-400A. Generally, it is not equipped with an air pump and has an overcharge shutdown function.

2. KAMCAP can provide high-quality super capacitors

As one of the best capacitor manufacturers in the industry, KAMCAP provides many companies at home and abroad with super capacitor as emergency starting power sources for automobiles. Supercapacitors have high-current discharge characteristics, and their high-rate discharge characteristics are comparable to battery products. At the same time, they have absolute advantages in wide operating temperature range, fast discharge and long service life.

As an emerging choice for automotive emergency starting power supplies, the characteristics of super capacitors, such as high power density and fast charging and discharging, fully meet the rapid response requirements of vehicle startup, and will play an increasingly important role in this field.

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