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Application of Supercapacitors in Smart Meters

Ⅰ. The development of supercapacitors

At present, the function of watt-hour meter is becoming more and more intelligent. In this era of rapid development of network information, the previous way of checking electricity and charging fees has been gradually replaced by the way of checking electricity consumption information on the Internet and paying by banks. Therefore, long-term data storage and display functions are indispensable. Now most electric meters use various batteries to provide power for the clock chip and power failure protection. Through the research on the characteristics of super capacitors, the use of super capacitor can completely achieve this function, and it have more advantages than using batteries. 

Ⅱ. Comparing supercapacitors with batteries, there are some obvious characteristics as follows:

1. Ultra-low supercapacitor ESR. The power density is more than tens of times that of lithium-ion batteries, suitable for high-current discharge.

2. Ultra-long life, more than 500,000 charge and discharge times, which is 500 times that of lithium-ion batteries and 1,000 times that of nickel-hydrogen and nickel-cadmium batteries. If supercapacitors are charged and discharged 20 times a day in continuous use, their service life can reach 68 years.

3. It can be charged with a large current, the charging and discharging time is short, the charging circuit is simple, and there is no memory effect. Supercapacitor charging is the physical process of double electric layer charging and discharging or the rapid and reversible chemical process on the surface of the electrode material. Current charging can complete the charging process in tens of seconds to several minutes, which is a real fast charging, while the battery takes several hours to complete charging, and fast charging also takes tens of minutes.

4. Wide supercapacitor temperature range: -40℃~+70℃.

5. Small size, compact appearance, easy installation, space saving, maintenance-free, and sealable.

6. It can be stored in a fully discharged state, and over-discharge is harmful to many rechargeable batteries;

7. It is safe, convenient to use, environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment.

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