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Why Are Supercapacitors So Popular in Transportation?

Why Are Supercapacitors So Popular in Transportation?

With the development of the times, the status of super capacitors can be said to be pivotal in modern life, especially in the field of transportation. So why are super capacitors so popular? Compared with traditional capacitors, what are the advantages of traditional batteries? Let's find out!

Ⅰ. What is a super capacitor?

Super capacitor refers to a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and rechargeable batteries. It not only has the characteristics of fast charging and discharging of capacitors, but also has the energy storage characteristics of batteries. Super capacitors shine in the transportation field, especially in many parts such as shared bicycles, smart buses, and smart parking.

It can be said that super capacitors are an upgrade of ordinary capacitor devices, and many improvements have been implemented to early capacitors.

1. Electric capacity

Conventional capacitors used in the early days have small capacitance storage capacity and can only meet the needs of circuits with small loads; while the capacitance level of super capacitors can reach the Farad level, which can meet the needs of circuit operation in the transportation field, such as automobile control.

2. Circuit

Super capacitors have low requirements for circuit structure, no special charging circuit and control discharge circuit are required, and the service time of the capacitor will not be affected by overcharging or overdischarging, which also greatly facilitates the application in the transportation field.

3. Welding

Ordinary capacitors cannot be welded, but welding can be performed as needed when installing super capacitors, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of poor battery contact, thereby improving the performance of the capacitor components.

4. Environmental protection

Super capacitors are a kind of green energy and have lower environmental pollution than other conventional capacitors.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of super capacitors in traffic applications

1. The super capacitor has a fixed polarity. Before use, confirm the polarity. If the capacitor is charged with reverse voltage, the leakage current will increase and the internal resistance will increase, which may cause the capacitor to collapse.

2. Super capacitors should be used under the nominal voltage. When the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, a large leakage current will be generated. At the same time, the capacitor will generate heat, the capacity will decrease, and the internal resistance will increase, resulting in a shortened life.

3. Super capacitors cannot be used in high-frequency charging and discharging circuits. High-frequency rapid charging and discharging will cause the internal heating of the capacitor, capacity attenuation, and increase in internal resistance. In some cases, it will also cause the above results.

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