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Where Are Supercapacitors Used? What Fields Are There?

Where Are Supercapacitors Used? What Fields Are There?

Due to the characteristics of fast charging speed, long storage time, and long service life of charging and discharging cycles, supercapacitors have become the preferred solution for energy storage and power transmission. But some people don't know much about supercapacitors, and they don't know where supercapacitors are used. Where are supercapacitors used? Let's take a look at it next.

1. Super capacitors are used in the automotive field

Supercapacitors are widely used in automotive intelligent start-stop control systems, especially in hybrid vehicles. The frequent starting and stopping of the car makes the battery change greatly. Supercapacitors, on the other hand, have a relatively long charging and discharging service life and are less affected by frequent start and stop operations. In addition, the energy recovery function of supercapacitors can improve the cruising range of the car.

2. Super capacitors are used in small mechanical equipment

In recent years, small micro supercapacitors have been widely used in auxiliary facilities such as computer memory systems, mobile phones, audio equipment, and digital products. Large-sized cylindrical supercapacitors are widely used in the automotive field and natural energy harvesting.

3. Super capacitors are used in the transportation industry

At present, large-sized supercapacitors are used in braking systems such as trains and subways. Because of its low impedance, supercapacitors are also used in power tools and electric toy cars. Supercapacitors are also used in computer memory due to their low current and long-term continuous discharge characteristics.

In general, supercapacitors have good performance and overcome the shortcomings of traditional capacitors and batteries. Currently, they are widely used in aerospace, automotive and civil consumption fields, and are a good power storage device. When purchasing, users can find influential capacitor manufacturers who can provide personalized customization services.

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