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What Is Super Capacitor/Ultra Capacitor

Super capacitor has a very wide range of uses. Combined with high energy density materials such as fuel cells, Supercap provides fast energy release to meet high power requirements, so that fuel cells can be used only as energy sources. At present, the energy density of Super capacitor/ultra capacitor can reach as high as 20 kW/kg and has begun to occupy the market between traditional capacitors and batteries.

In applications requiring high reliability but not high energy requirement, Supercapacitor can be used to replace traditional batteries, or UltraCap can be combined with batteries, which can be used in situations requiring high energy, and smaller and more economical batteries can be used.
The ESR value of ultra capacitor is very low, so it can output more current and absorb large current quickly. Compared with chemical charging principle, Supercapacitor's working principle makes the product performance more stable, so the service life of ultracapacitor will be longer. Super capacitor/ultra capacitor is undoubtedly the most ideal power source for devices such as power tools and toys that need fast charging.
Some products are suitable for battery, Super capacitor/ultra capacitor hybrid systems. Super capacitor/ultra capacitor can avoid using large batteries to obtain more energy. For example, digital cameras in consumer electronics, the use of Super capacitor/ultra capacitor allows digital cameras to use cheaper alkaline batteries rather than expensive Li-ion batteries.
Super capacitor/ultra capacitor cell rated voltage ranges from 2.5 V to 2.7V, so it is necessary to use multiple Super capacitor/ultra capacitor cells in many applications. When connecting these units in series, the design engineer needs to consider the balance and charging between the units.
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