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The Practical Application of Super Capacitor in Microgrid

The Practical Application of Super Capacitor in Microgrid

Oct 19 , 2021

Super capacitors are economical, reliable and environmentally friendly. They store pollution-free energy such as solar energy, wind energy and fuel cells in the super capacitors to provide electricity in a timely manner. There is no need to invest in large power stations or complex transmission grids. In conclusion, it's a energy-saving measure with low investment and effective application to renewable energy.

1. The application prospects of super capacitors in power grids

Energy storage technology is currently recognized as a way to effectively increase the power grid's spinning reserve capacity. The application of super capacitor in substation grid frequency modulation has attracted great attention in the industry.

With the further upgrading of the industrial structure and the increasing proportion of high-tech enterprises, super capacitor micro-energy storage devices can be promoted and applied in substations and distribution stations, which brings broad application prospects for super capacitor micro-energy storage. As a supercapacitor manufacturer, KAMCAP has a bright prospect, welcome to buy super capacitor in KAMCAP. 

2. Super capacitors have become one of the preferred devices for energy storage in microgrids

Nowadays, requirements have been higher and higher concerning the quality, safety and reliability of energy and power supply. The traditional large-scale grid power supply method can no longer meet these requirements due to its own shortcomings.

Microgrid, which is a new type of grid that can integrate distributed power generation, emerged as the time requires. It is the future development direction because it can save investment, reduce energy consumption, and improve system security and flexibility. As a new type of energy storage device, super capacitors provided by super capacitor companies can quickly release energy and solve the problems of grid frequency instability and voltage sag under large disturbance conditions. It is an indispensable energy storage system in the microgrid, which has irreplaceable advantages!

3. The application of super capacitors in microgrid

In the short-circuit region of the power grid, the configuration of microgrid + super capacitor is exceptionally important!

When the power is normally supplied, the power is stored by the super capacitor energy storage system, and power is supplied by the super capacitor energy storage system in the event of a power failure.

Even in more developed urban areas, super capacitor energy storage systems play an important role. The super capacitor energy storage system stores the power when the power is sufficient, and feeds it back to the grid when the power supply is insufficient, ensuring that the grid load is always balanced.

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