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The Development Trend of Ultracapacitor Ups

Currently, supercapacitors are limited by their low energy density and are mainly used as an auxiliary power source, but are rarely used as the main power source. Great breakthroughs in the application field of the ultracapacitor ups market depend on continuous breakthroughs in ultracapacitor ups technology in the future, and the development trends of ultracapacitor ups are as follows:

1) Low cost and high energy density. As the main power source of equipment or systems in the future, ultra capacitors will require high energy density and low cost;

2) Ultra-high power density, low maintenance cost, and long life. The development of supercapacitors to higher power density, maintenance-free, and long life will be able to compensate for the shortcomings of the low energy density of products to a certain extent, and can further expand the market share in some special fields. The organic system supercapacitors are expected to be the first to realize ultra-high power breakthrough;

3) The research on the aging mechanism of supercapacitors in different application fields and the research on the control strategy of the ultra capacitor energy storage system will be another research hotspot of supercapacitors, which will help to optimize the design of supercapacitor energy storage system and minimize the cost of system design.

If there are major breakthroughs in the above-mentioned technologies, supercapacitors will have greater advantages in terms of power density, maintenance costs, service life, and environmental adaptability compared with battery energy storage, and it will become an ideal choice for energy storage systems in the electrical, power, and electronics industries.

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