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Supercapacitor Applications in Solar Energy Field

Solar energy is ideal clean energy for energy conservation and environmental protection, and the energy storage characteristics of the physical process of supercapacitors determine that the solar supercapacitor applications have inherent advantages, which can absorb natural and unstable solar energy to achieve stable voltage output.

Due to the unstable input voltage of solar energy, energy storage devices must be equipped, but the current battery life is short and it has pollution, so supercapacitors are selected as energy storage devices. The power performance of the supercapacitor is much better than that of the battery, the charging speed is fast, there is no over-discharge problem, and the life is long. The charge and discharge can reach hundreds of thousands of times. The energy storage characteristics of the super capacitor's physical process determine its use in solar energy. It has natural advantages in application, absorbing all the electric energy generated by solar panels, and achieving the purpose of energy-saving and environmental protection.

When the output voltage of the solar cell is lower than the voltage of the supercapacitor, the supercapacitor will not charge the solar cell in the reverse direction, so as to avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Supercapacitors overcome the shortcomings of short service life, slow charging and discharging speed, inability to quickly respond to changes in photovoltaic output voltage and a certain delay in general batteries. In the case of sufficient light during the day, the solar battery charges the load. When the light is insufficient or at night, the supercapacitor can be used to supply power to the load. The supercapacitor can be used as a green energy storage element. It is believed that as the capacity of supercapacitors increases, there will be more and more comprehensive utilization of solar cells and supercapacitors.

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