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Why Can a Dual-Powered Super Capacitor/Ultra Capacitor Electric Car Save Fuel? Why Can Pollution Be Reduced?

The biggest advantage of dual power supercapacitor electric vehicle is to give full play to super capacitor in the case of low speed and heavy load, the energy is not lost; in the case of deceleration, downhill, and braking, the energy can be recovered. Avoiding the internal combustion engine running at low speed and heavy load, and running at high speed and high load and oil consumption, the engine will always run in the optimum condition, which saves oil and reduces pollution. The dual power supercapacitor electric vehicle can save 30%~50% of the fuel and 70%~90% of pollution.
—— Start-up stage: low speed, heavy load, and oil consumption; in this stage, the internal combustion generator unit operates in the optimum state, at which time it needs to start and accelerate with supercaps and charge to ultra capacitor.
—— Normal Operation Stage: At this time, the internal combustion generator unit is operating in the optimum state and outputs power to the motor. At this time, the busload is the smallest, and the most fuel-efficient, and charges to ultra capacitor.
—— High-speed operation stage: Internal combustion generators output stable power to the motor, and ultracapacitor also output power to the motor. In this stage, the motor speed is high, the load is large, and the bus speed is the fastest.
—— Braking, parking, deceleration, downhill stage: at this time, the generator unit, supercapacitor stop exporting power to the motor. At this time, the kinetic energy reserved by the bus is transformed into the generator charging to ultra capacitor, which can absorb 70% of the kinetic energy, especially in urban public transport, and can save energy or fuel.
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