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Notes For Using Super Capacitor/Ultra Capacitor

Super capacitor can maintain long service life without failure as long as it works within the specified operating parameters. Super capacitor will last longer than most other electronic components in any given application, which is why ultra capacitor is the best transmission device in harsh environments.
However, if used improperly, Super capacitor will also be damaged in advance, although there are not many reasons for the premature damage of ultra capacitor (the following items). Please note the following to ensure that the ultra capacitor in the system achieves the longest service life.
Working temperature: Super capacitor does not generate or provide power or energy through electrochemical reactions. Simply , it is achieved by static electricity. Obviously, electrochemical reactions in super capacitor are not only non-existent but also unnecessary. Higher temperature will catalyze the chemical reaction and accelerate the reaction rate. This applies equally to super caps because ultra capacitor is also a chemical system. Therefore, if we want to break down the service life of supercapacitoand let it work beyond the rated operating temperature range, it will surely rapidly attenuate its capacitance, increase its resistance at an unimaginable rate, and seriously reduce its efficiency. The magnitude of the damaging effect is proportional to the range and duration of overheating.
Working voltage: The electrochemical system generally has a stable working voltage range, beyond which the system will become unstable from the electrochemical point of view. As with overheating, the consequences of overvoltage include accelerated capacitance decline and accelerated resistance rise. Overpressure also increases the gas production rate of the monomer. If the overpressure is serious, the gas will increase to a certain extent, which will cause the internal pressure of the single body to be too large and rupture, and then immediately fail. Ultra cap, unlike some other electrochemical energy storage technologies, has no Undervoltage limitation. In fact, although the reverse voltage should not be applied, as long as the reverse voltage does not exceed the absolute value of the normal rated voltage, it will not destroy the supercaps or cause danger. Like temperature, the effect of overpressure depends on the magnitude and duration of overpressure.
Mechanical abuse: Let ultracapacitor work beyond the mechanical parameters (such as vibration or impact standards), except for the most robust structure, can not be immune. Sometimes it fails immediately.
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