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How to Use Super Capacitors? How to Properly Use Supercapacitors?

How to Use Super Capacitors? How to Properly Use Supercapacitors?

When it comes to supercapacitors, many friends may feel very unfamiliar, but this is actually very normal, because this product is mainly used in industrial production, so it is difficult to access in the daily environment, but for many people, how to use super capacitors and how to use them correctly is a difficult problem, so KAMCAP will introduce this part to you.

1. Determine the polarity before using the supercap

Before using the supercap, it is necessary to determine what the polarity of the supercapacitor is, because the supercapacitor has a fixed polarity. If it is used directly without confirmation, the polarity connection is likely to be wrong. The impact of related equipment is very large. Therefore, in order for the enterprise to use the instrument normally and protect other equipment, it is very necessary to check this aspect.

2. Supercapacitors are used at standard voltages

Supercapacitors have relatively high requirements for the voltage of the specific use environment. Generally, supercapacitors can only be used under standard voltage. If the voltage of the capacitor exceeds the standard voltage, the electrolyte contained in the device will decompose, resulting in the internal resistance of the device. Increase, the specific use time of the device will be shortened, and in some relatively extreme cases, the capacitor performance may directly collapse.

3. Super capacitors are not suitable for high frequency charging and discharging

If the specific use environment of the device is high-frequency charging and discharging, it is actually not recommended, because high-frequency fast charging and discharging is likely to cause abnormal internal conditions of the capacitor and affect the normal use of supercapacitor devices.

There are relatively many parts that need to be paid attention to during the use of supercapacitors, because once used incorrectly, it is very easy to cause abnormal performance of the device.

Kamcap is one of the first companies in China to develop supercapacitors. It is the main drafting unit of the National Energy Administration of China "Technical Standards for Supercapacitors for Electric Energy Metering Equipment". It is also one of the founding members of China Supercapacitor Industry Alliance.

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