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How to Design Super Capacitor Driving Recorder?

A backup power supply is required during the use of the driving recorder. The supercapacitor can be used in the driving recorder through reasonable circuit design to avoid the hidden danger of high-temperature bulge explosion. Here is how the supercapacitor driving recorder should be designed.

When supercapacitors are connected in series, the voltage of the cells should be balanced as much as possible to ensure the consistency of performance and life. However, in actual operation, due to differences in capacitance, internal resistance, or leakage current, the voltage distributed on the cells will be different, resulting in a shortened service life of the super capacitor. Therefore, capacitors connected in series need to have voltage balance measures. That is, the voltage equalization design is divided into passive voltage equalization and active voltage equalization. The driving recorder uses passive voltage equalization, that is, each supercapacitor unit is connected in parallel with a resistor. This is due to its simple design and low cost. The equivalent circuit of a supercapacitor is a pure capacitor connected in series with an equivalent resistance and a leakage resistance in parallel.

When each super capacitor has the same resistance in parallel, and the resistance value is much smaller than the leakage resistance, the equivalent resistance value can be regarded as the resistance value in parallel. In this way, when the series-connected supercapacitor supplies power to the parallel resistance loop, it can ensure that the voltage drop of each resistor is the same. Therefore, the tap between the resistors is connected between the capacitors to make the voltage at both ends of each capacitor consistent, thus achieving the role of equalizing pressure. This design makes DC power consumption always exist. However, comprehensive consideration is still very suitable for the application scenarios of the driving recorder.

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