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High Temperature Super Capacitor Can Be Used As a Substitute For Batteries


In some applications, high temperature super capacitors are battery substitutes; in others, high temp capacitors support batteries. In some cases, the high temperature super capacitor may not be able to store enough energy, so it is necessary in order to use batteries. For example, when environmental energy sources (such as the sun) are intermittent, such as at night, the stored energy is not just used to provide peak power, but also to support longer applications.

If the required peak power exceeds the amount that the battery can provide (such as GSM calls or low power transmission at low temperatures), the battery can be charged with low power for high temperature super capacitor, while high temperature super capacitor can provide high pulse power. This structure also means that the battery will never cycle deeply, thus prolonging the battery life. High temperature super capacitor stores physical charges rather than chemical reactions like batteries, so high temperature super capacitor actually has an infinite cycle life.

When a high temperature super capacitor charges a battery to provide peak power pulses, there is an important gap between the pulses. If the pulses are too close, it will be more efficient to keep the high temperature super capacitor in charge. However, if the pulse spacing is not too close, the more efficient way is to charge the high temperature super capacitor before the peak power.

This interval depends on a variety of factors, including the capacitance absorbed by the high temperature super capacitor before reaching the equilibrium leakage current, the self-discharge characteristics of the high temperature super capacitor, and the charge pulled from the high temperature super capacitor by the circuit to provide peak power. This option is applicable only if you know in advance when peak power events are coming, and not for reactions to unpredictable events, such as battery failure or external stimuli.

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