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Green Super Capacitor Assisted Photocatalytic Fuel Cell System for Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Ⅰ. Green super capacitors can sustain hydrogen production

Photocatalytic hydrogen production and pollution degradation are important for energy recovery and environmental protection. However, hydrogen production cannot be maintained due to intermittent lighting throughout the day. In order to solve this problem, some scientists have developed a green super capacitor with chemical bias to assist photo catalytic fuel cell systems, aiming to store photo electrons through the super capacitor (2 mg/cm2 ) under light irradiation and discharged in the dark to produce hydrogen for continuous hydrogen production.

Ⅱ. Experimental results of the green super capacitors

After experiments, the results show that the system can achieve sustainable hydrogen production under illumination (32 μmol/ L) and darkness (13 μmol/ L) and improve photo catalytic conversion efficiency by chemical bias. In addition, the system has good glycol degradation capability for power generation under illumination. An alternative method for continuous hydrogen production, power generation and waste degradation using a super capacitor-assisted photo catalytic fuel cell system was completed.

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