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Difference between Capacitor and Supercapacitor

Supercapacitor, also known as Electrical Doule-Layer Capacitor (EDLC), Gold Capacitor, Farad capacitor. The biggest difference between capacitor and supercapacitor is that supercapacitor is an electrochemical physical component, but does not react chemically itself, the supercapacitor has a particularly large storage capacity, reaching farad-level capacity. How do you increase the area of the two poles? Supercapacitors store energy by injecting electrolytes. Under the action of the electrode, the charge on the electrode surface will attract the heterogeneous ions in the surrounding electrolyte solution, causing these ions to attach to the electrode surface to form a double charge layer, constituting a double layer capacitance.

Because the distance between the two charge layers is very small (generally less than 0.5mm), and use of special electrode structure is adopted, the surface area of the electrodes is increased by ten thousandfold, resulting in a tremendous amount of electrical capacity.

Supercapacitors combine the physical characteristics of ordinary capacitors with many advantages that conventional capacitors and batteries cannot match:

1. Supercapacitors have a large Faraday-level electrical capacity, which is much larger than ordinary capacitors.

2. Supercapacitors can instantly release power nearly ten times higher than ordinary batteries, and will not be damaged.

3. The cycle life of charge and discharge is more than 100,000 times, which is one of the biggest advantages. Conventional batteries can only be recharged a few hundred times.

4. Supercapacitors can be used normally in an ambient temperature of 40 degrees to 60 degrees, the performance of traditional batteries will be greatly reduced in low temperature.

5. Super charge holding capacity, leakage is very small, traditional batteries need to be charged frequently to maintain the state.

6. Supercapacitors can charge rapidly, its speed is dozens of times faster than ordinary batteries, a few minutes can be full of electricity required for a car.

7. Supercapacitors will not inherently pollute the environment, truly maintenance-free, while traditional batteries are still polluting.

In some fields, supercapacitors already have a promising future, for example, mobile phone batteries made of supercapacitors can be fully charged in just one minute, and are not afraid of subzero temperatures.  There are different types of supercapacitor.

They are used in high power starting motors, such as those for large diesel engines or gas turbines, which require large transient currents. With conventional batteries, the life expectancy will be very short, but supercapacitors are perfectly suited to the task.

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