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Application and Development Prospect of Super capacitor Kamcap

Because of the advantages of high power density, fast charging speed, and high reliability, supercapacitors have been widely studied and applied. Supercapacitors are mainly used in rail transit, renewable energy, power systems, and other fields.

1) Rail transit field. Super capacitor kamcap are mainly used in trams and subway braking energy recovery devices in the field of rail transit. Modern trams use supercapacitors as their power source and do not require contact nets, so they can be charged quickly when the vehicle stops. The distance between subway stations is short, braking is frequent, and the braking energy is considerable. Supercapacitors are used to make braking energy recovery devices instead of braking resistors to store dynamic braking energy and release it when the train starts. It is of great significance to subway energy saving.

2) The field of renewable energy. Due to the volatility and randomness of wind power generation and solar power generation, the battery may be charged frequently, but the battery has a short charge and discharge life. Supercapacitors can solve this problem well. Supercapacitors can be used as the energy buffer link of the microgrid, which can provide the backup capacity to improve power quality and improve system reliability.

3) Power system field. Super capacitor kamcap can be used for harmonic pollution control in power systems, which will improve the quality of power supplies and ensure the safety and reliability of electricity use.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of supercapacitors in various fields will become more and more extensive, and the indicators of supercapacitors will continue to improve to meet human needs. It is bound to become a trend that supercapacitors replace traditional energy storage devices.

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