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A New Super Capacitor Device Can Produce Both Electricity and Hydrogen

Ⅰ. R&D background of the new super capacitor device

Currently about 95% of the world's hydrogen comes from fossil fuels, but this process releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Therefore, scientists have designed a new device that can use solar energy to produce and store energy cheaply and effectively, not only for electronic devices, but also for new energy vehicles.

Ⅱ. Functions of the new super capacitor device

Traditional hydrogen fuel cells and super capacitors have two electrodes: positive and negative. This new device is designed with a third electrode that can serve both as a super capacitor for storing energy and as a device for decomposing water (water electrolysis process). All three electrodes are connected to a solar cell, so that the electricity obtained from the solar cell can be stored in two ways: electrical energy in the super capacitor or by chemically converting water into hydrogen gas. This application of super capacitor is an important technological advancement because it creates hydrogen fuel in a way that does not harm the environment.

Hydrogen is an excellent fuel for cars, it is the cleanest source of energy, it is cheap and does not pollute the air, it only forms water. But hydrogen energy cannot be considered green energy unless it can be made from renewable sources. The method of decomposing water into hydrogen and oxygen by means of solar cells and a large amount of available materials has a great potential to reduce the cost of hydrogen energy production. And this method has the potential to eventually replace the current method and make fossil fuels becoming history.

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