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The Characteristics of Super Capacitors Are Fully Applicable to the Hybrid Power of Automobiles

Super capacitors charge fast, withstand charging, and have high energy conversion efficiency. At the same time, they have high self-discharge characteristics. Who is this energy storage device suitable for? Yes, it is a hybrid.

1. The use effect of super capacitor

In fact, there are similar problems in the battery part of the current hybrid technology. A lot of energy was converted into heat and lost in vain. Since the recovered energy is only used by the electrical system, the recovery rate is also very low. If the hybrid vehicle adopts a larger capacity super capacitor to realize the recovery of braking energy, the energy saving effect will be very considerable. At the same time, car buyers do not have to worry about expensive battery life.

The reason why this kind of energy storage device has not been used in automobiles is mainly due to its several shortcomings. One is safety, too fast discharge speed and too low internal resistance, if the design is not good, it itself contains the hidden risks of "sudden explosion of energy". The second is the lower operating voltage, which restricts its application in driving cars. But these are not dead spots.

2. What are the advantages of vehicles using super capacitors?

With the advancement of technology, these problems can be solved. After all, its advantages are too tempting. In fact, some companies have developed hybrid models that use super capacitors, and their core demands are energy-saving.

As for the super capacitor hybrid supercar, its high discharge speed is valued-it can be equipped with a high-power motor to your heart's content, and its instantaneous burst of energy can achieve a magical effect similar to "nitrogen acceleration".

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