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Quality Control

Introduction to quality management

Jinzhou Kaimei Power Co., Ltd. implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and the general manager fully performs the functions of the quality management system. The company is "focus on credibility, quality assurance" for the purpose. Kamcap Company takes the general manager as the first person responsible for the quality, and the company has a quality center, which is fully presided over by the quality director. There are three functional departments: quality management department, testing center, and physical and chemical department. According to the company's quality policy and quality objectives, the company's advanced R&D quality planning, incoming material management and control, process control statistics, product performance durability, shipment inspection, and after-sales service are all managed according to the ISO system. In 2007, the company passed the ISO9001:2008/ISO14001:2004 system audit certification. In 2014, we passed ISO/TS16949:2009 and passed the EU OHS and REACH certifications audited by SGS; and strictly implemented according to the quality system management. In 2013, the company passed the on-site certification of South Korea's largest electronics industry company, "Samsung Electronics", France "Alstom" and "Zhuhai Canon" and has become a qualified supplier.

Quality direction and quality objectives

Quality is life, innovation is the soul, a harmonious working atmosphere, guaranteeing the provision of quality products, and continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction.


  • Commitment: All quality activities of the company are in compliance with TS16949 standard requirements and quality system documentation.

  • Life: Quality is closely related to the efficiency of the company.

  • Innovation: based on new thinking and new development, creating product technology and quality industry leading

  • Soul: Constantly develop products with international cutting-edge technology.

  • High-quality meaning: Electrochemical capacitor products of contemporary international quality level.

  • The meaning of harmony: All employees work together, pay attention to management, learn from each other and form a good working team.

  • Customer satisfaction is our commitment to our customers. To provide customers with excellent products and good after-sales service to meet customer requirements. Improve the credibility of the company, establish the image of the company, and enable the company to achieve greater development

Quality objectives

  • The pass rate of finished products is ≥96%, and the annual increase rate is 1%.

  • At least one product or process improvement and development throughout the year.

  • Employee satisfaction ≥90%

  • Customer satisfaction ≥90%

  • The monthly customer complaints were ≤1 time per year, and the number of complaints decreased twice a year.

  • Major quality accidents are zero.

Connotation: - Develop quality objectives within the framework of the KAM Quality Policy.

-Meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations.

Physical and chemical room inspection project

In order to ensure the reliability of the raw materials of supercapacitors, the physical and chemical laboratory is responsible for the in-depth testing and evaluation of the main raw materials. 

Testing center inspection project

The laboratory is an independent third-party testing agency established by Jinzhou Kaimei power Co., Ltd. The laboratory is equipped with international and domestic advanced and complete testing equipment, professional testers, and perfect testing and test management system. Based on the principle of “objective, fair, timely and accurate”, the laboratory provides services to all departments of the company to ensure product quality.

Production process quality control - inspection

The quality management of the production process is strictly in accordance with the three-check system, that is, "self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection", Self-inspection is carried out by the operating staff themselves in accordance with the "Process Operation Guide",Mutual inspection by the squad leader, The special inspection is carried out by the quality inspector, and the products produced every day are "production evaluation" by the "test center".Warm the product to 70 degrees, 15 hours, power up 2.7V, then place it at room temperature for 30 minutes, test the performance of the product, if it meets the standard, the production will continue, if it does not meet the standard, stop production immediately, and notify The technical department and the quality department look for the reasons and can resume production after the problem is solved, through the "production evaluation" of the product, the quality of the production can be truly guaranteed, so that the product can meet the technical requirements, and the user is satisfied and assured.

non-conforming product control

For non-conforming products that occur during the production process, the "non-conforming product control procedures and non-conforming product processing procedures" are implemented in accordance with TS regulations.

  • First stop production and distinguish non-conforming products to avoid product confusion.

  • The technicians and technicians analyze and judge the reasons for the product failure, and then find the cause and solve the problem before proceeding with the production.

  •  For the unqualified products, the technical department will issue a repair plan. The production staff will repair the products according to the “rework process”, and after rigorous testing, the qualified personnel can be transferred to the next process to ensure the product quality

New product development instructions

Our company's new product development stage strictly implements the APQP management process to ensure that the process planning is reasonable and effective, to achieve mass production, improve process efficiency, and meet customer requirements.

Various quality tools are effectively used in all stages of new product development, such as: KPC, KCC, feature matrix, flow chart, DFMEA, PFMEA, CP, SPC, error prevention, experimental design, product/process quality evaluation, MSA, PPAP, Ppk, Cpk, trial production operation, production confirmation test, etc., to ensure smooth development of new products and reduce product quality risks.

In order to ensure that the new products can enter the mass production stage smoothly, in the trial production stage, the quality department of the technical department jointly organizes a comprehensive review of the production process and products to determine whether the production process, personnel, equipment and raw materials are suitable for the production, whether the production cycle and the products are satisfied. Customer requirements; timely discover the potential causes of non-conformity, ensure that the process quality is in a stable and controlled state; promote product manufacturing process and product quality improvement.

Our company's quality management is based on the quality policy, objectives and responsibilities of the Quality Management System (QMS), and through the quality planning, control, assurance and improvement of the quality system to achieve total quality management, and every year through SGS company's TS16949 external audit and CQC company's external audit of our company 9001, as well as the internal audit of the company's internal quality department, and timely rectification and improvement of the unqualified items, to maintain the normal operation of the system, and strive to improve quality Management level to ensure product quality.