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A solar supercapacitor that can produce hydrogen fuel at low cost

1. Solar super capacitors that can produce hydrogen fuel at low cost

Cars have gradually become an indispensable and important means of transportation in people's lives. Electric and hydrogen energy are considered to be the two magic weapons on the road to environmental protection for automobiles, but if they are to be popularized, they need to overcome obstacles such as energy production costs, distribution and storage, and lack of large-scale infrastructure. The good news is that we can use "solar supercapacitors" to simultaneously produce electricity and hydrogen energy at low cost. For consumers, this will greatly reduce the barriers for them to use clean transportation.

2. The principle of low-cost production of hydrogen fuel from solar super capacitors

This solar supercapacitor mixes supercapacitors and hydrogen fuel cells together, and only relies on solar energy to operate. In addition to the normal positive and negative electrodes, the device can also store electrical energy, or use it to electrolyze water into a "third electrode" for hydrogen and oxygen. In order to improve the efficiency of the electrode as much as possible, the surface area of the electrode in contact with water can be designed to the maximum to reach the nanometer scale. This increases the total amount of hydrogen that the system can produce and the energy that the supercapacitor can store.

Hydrogen is a great fuel. Its characteristics are well known, clean and cheap. Except for water, it does not emit any pollutants into the air. And this solar super capacitor can greatly reduce the cost of hydrogen energy vehicles. This new system will also help solve certain infrastructure problems. After all, if there are not enough hydrogen refueling stations, it will be difficult for hydrogen energy vehicles to usher in rapid development.

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